Update & Pics: BAHA 5 Attract

Getting used to the BAHA was more of a challenge than I expected, but I’m happy to say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I can hear!  While at first it was fairly depressing to realize how much I was missing without the Attract, I’ve since revelled in newfound self-confidence and noticed a significant decrease in social anxiety. Recovery was remarkably quick and I rarely experience discomfort or soreness at the magnet site anymore.

When starting this blog, I set out to share my experience in hopes that a few people may benefit from it. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised to receive so much positive feedback!

Some follow-up and responses to popular questions:

  • Is the Baha knocked off easily?
    • I can confirm that the Attract can be knocked loose and fall to the ground easier than I had hoped – it’s happened to me more than a few times. However, the processor comes with a clear fishing line-type of string and a clip so that the user can attach it to clothing to minimize the chance it would hit the ground. (I wonder if someone with the Baha Connect can comment on this – seems that it would be more secure with an abutment?)
      • Edit: 3/15/17: This issue is my biggest complaint about the baha attract currently. I’m fairly disappointed at how easily it can fall off (e.g. pretty much any time I move my hair, taking off my seatbelt). If it hits the ground, there’s not only the immediate panic that the processor could have been damaged from the fall, but also the annoying process of trying to find and reattach it in a public space.
  • How is the sound? Any issues?
    • Because I have the Baha on one side only, I struggle with identifying where sounds originate. The obvious solution to this is to get Baha on both sides (eventually).
    • Because I rarely notice sounds that used to annoy me (shadowy, tin-like sounds), I think my brain filters some of that out.
    • Whenever there is a high pitched noise, I get awful feedback from my Baha. I’ve been told this is something an audiologist can help with, though.
  • Visibility / placement: Does it stick out? Can you hide it with your hair?
    • While the Baha 5 doesn’t stick out that far, it is definitely visible. Wearing my hair down helps cover it, but I am blessed with quite a bit of hair. If you’re worried about it, talk to your ENT about placement options (low enough so that baseball caps and sunglasses don’t touch it and far back enough to minimize visibility). See pictures below.
    • In the beginning, I got loud, intense feedback whenever my hair touched the Baha at all, which is clearly problematic given that I wore my hair down to conceal it; however, my audiologist made an adjustment in the settings and I haven’t had that issue since.

Hair up, side view


Hair up, front view


Hair down, side view


Hair down, back view


Hair down, front view